Which Business Travel Agency is Your One True Match?

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With great travel management comes great responsibility.

In our previous article, we touched upon the numerous benefits of hiring a reliable business travel agency. This includes time and cost efficiency, enhanced budget control, as well as unprecedented convenience for booking.

However, there are some additional aspects to be considered prior to hiring a corporate travel agency. To make sure that an agency suits your needs, you want to be mindful of the following:

Price vs Travel Frequency

Hiring a business travel agency does come with its own fees as well. For this reason, you need to firstly assess how often your team members travel in the first place. If this occurs only occasionally, travel managed by a professional agency might not be so profitable for you. However, this does not mean that managed travel is reserved solely for larger businesses.

This brings us to the next step:

Do the Research

Find an agency that suits you best.

Different corporate travel agencies offer a plethora of affordable options, scaled for all kinds of business. You need to browse carefully and find your true match! For instance, a travel management agency that has short-term services or custom packages made to suit your needs.

DIB travel offers three different plans to choose from: Core, Business Pro, and Enterprise. Opt for any of the packages depending on what kind of travel management your company needs. The Core plan is free of charge. Still, it gives you access to all forms of travel booking available on the DIB platform. If you wish to upgrade the travel assistance, payment methods as well as the travel management options, you can opt for the other two plans at any time.

All aboard!

Agreement is important!

Prior to working with a business travel agency, your coworkers also need to be aware of its numerous benefits and, naturally, agree. For this reason, it is crucial to show clearly in what ways such services can benefit the company and its employees. And always remember the key fact: managed travel should make your travel life easier and more enjoyable. Finally, we’re in this together! Keep in mind that some travel agencies offer employee training and support, especially for the onboarding phase.

Now that you’ve become more familiar with the world of corporate travel, be sure to weigh your options carefully. Finding the right business travel agency is no easy task. One option can be found at dibtravel.com. Make sure to pay a visit to our website!

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