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Managing business travel costs for your company is a colossal responsibility and we’ve found a way for you to Do It Better. Countless invoices, hidden fees and compliance control are only the DIB of the iceberg. With our travel solution, streamline the entire travel process with one simple and fully-customizable tool.

Your travel budget can go an extra mile.

Everything you
need in one place!

DIB Travel’s digital booking tool offers a fully simplified invoicing option, with all expenses listed within one invoice sent at the end of the month! Our solution also includes enhanced expense management and reconciliation processes, reducing administrative burdens for the finance department. Let’s do it better!

Cost Optimization

The platform’s reporting and analytics features provide the finance department with valuable insights into travel expenditures, enabling them to identify cost-saving opportunities, negotiate favorable rates, and optimize travel budgets.

Compliance and Control

DIB Travel ensures compliance with financial regulations and policies by providing a centralized platform that captures and tracks all travel expenses, facilitating accurate and efficient auditing processes.


“DIB Travel is a game-changer. Their platform ensures strict compliance with our travel policies, and the reporting tools help us track expenses and make data-driven decisions. Thanks to their support, led by Customer Relations Manager Laura, we’ve achieved cost savings and increased efficiency. Highly recommended!”
Michael Williams
Finance Manager

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Frequently asked questions

How can DIB Travel’s platform streamline our company’s travel expenses?
DIB Travel offers a user-friendly booking portal that consolidates all your travel-related expenses. Instead of managing multiple invoices from various vendors, you receive a single monthly invoice. This not only simplifies reconciliation but also provides clear visibility into your company’s travel expenditure, making budgeting and forecasting more accurate.
What measures does DIB Travel have in place to ensure cost savings for businesses?
We understand that cost efficiency is paramount for finance teams. Our platform taps into an extensive inventory of flights, hotels, and other travel services, ensuring competitive rates. Additionally, our platform provides access to negotiated corporate rates and offers insights on potential savings opportunities, enabling businesses to make cost-effective travel decisions.
How does DIB Travel handle travel policies and approval workflows?
DIB Travel’s platform supports advanced travel policy configurations and approval workflows tailored to your company’s needs. This ensures that all bookings align with your corporate travel policies, eliminating unauthorized or extravagant expenses. Furthermore, automated rules and alerts guide users in making compliant choices, thus reducing the administrative burden on the finance team.
How does DIB Travel address security and data protection, especially concerning financial data?
Data security is a cornerstone of our platform. We employ state-of-the-art encryption methods, regular security audits, and strict data handling protocols to ensure your financial data’s integrity and confidentiality. Furthermore, DIB Travel complies with all international data protection regulations, giving peace of mind regarding data safety.
How does DIB Travel assist companies in achieving predictable travel budgets?
Budget predictability is crucial for financial planning. DIB Travel’s platform offers real-time reporting and analytics, giving insights into current spend patterns and helping forecast future expenses. By understanding these patterns and leveraging our platform’s intelligent recommendations, companies can achieve more consistent and predictable travel budgets, enabling better financial planning and allocation.

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