Travel in 2021

By the end of this month, it will be a year since the entire world was forced into lockdown due to the global pandemic. Naturally, such a mass-scale shift in our day-to-day lives has inevitably impacted on the activity we all enjoy the most: travel. Interestingly, almost a year after it all began, travel is definitely making a comeback, particularly business travel,  with some clear changes in 2021. Various instances of research in the hospitality sector  have outlined the most common preferences of travellers in 2021:

Cost-efficient travel

Even prior to the pandemic, most travellers looked for different ways to save up on certain aspects of their travel. Research shows that this trend not only continued, but actually increased significantly after the peak of the pandemic. Namely, travellers seem to most commonly opt to save up on either their accommodation or means of transport. This is why we have witnessed the rise of platforms which provide affordable options, such as and Expedia, both of which have now been incorporated in DIB Travel’s booking platform!

Flexible travel

Unforeseen circumstances have become an everyday occurrence when it comes to travel in 2020/21. Be it travel restrictions or anything similar, travellers are often faced with situations where they have to either cancel or reschedule their flights and even accommodation. This is why it is important for the providers to take into consideration such cases. As a consequence, more and more hosts/airlines etc. offer generous cancellation policies!

Safe travel

Health safety has certainly become one of the top priorities for both the traveller and the entire travel industry. Research shows that travellers prefer destinations with quick and efficient testing available and clearly regulated protocols when it comes to travel behaviour. Finally, what comes as an additionally optimistic piece of information is travellers leaning more and more towards sustainable travel options. Green travel is becoming associated with safe and healthy travel, which is why DIB Travel has introduced a Green Travel Programme, providing our customers with concrete, feasible options for carbon offset, as an efficient way to give back to nature and help our planet!

Meaningful > Mass-travel

Needless to say, the very idea of overly-crowded destinations will now make anyone feel anxious about setting off to travel for business. In 2021, the focus has shifted to travel of meaning and efficiency. Travel now entails a clear goal – signing a business deal, exploring the market, expanding your business network etc.

At the beginning of the pandemic, the future of business travel seemed uncertain and it was difficult to predict in what shape and form it would bounce back. Now, with its highly anticipated return in 2021, it is clear that business travel will arrive with altered priorities of travellers, the main focus being on safety and efficiency.

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