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Be it business or pleasure, we’re bound to leave a carbon footprint when setting off to travel. It’s pretty much unavoidable. However, this fact should not be discouraging to either a travel agency or their clients. It should rather serve as an additional boost to do our best and give back to nature without giving up on what we all adore – travel.

Still, talking about making our planet a better place as an agency and doing something about it are two completely different things. So let’s get proactive! By making any kind of green effort, business travel agencies can become the biggest allies and help raise awareness through each client. Not sure where to begin? Fear not! DIB Travel has created a state-of the-art Green Programme that can serve as a quick check-list to make you green with en…enthusiasm!

Track that CO2

Each car ride to/from the airport, your plane ride to your destination, ride to the hotel, bus ride to the city centre – emits CO2. These facts are unfortunately nothing new. However, here at DIB Travel we introduced an innovative feature on our platform. Now, you can track your team’s CO2 emission levels in real time or per month, year etc. This valuable information can be used to inspire clients to try and give back to the environment in various ways that will be discussed in the following sections.

Erasing the footprint

Let’s say you’ve provided the exact amount of CO2 emissions that your client made in a year. What’s next? It’s great to be aware of one’s carbon footprint, but change starts small. To truly make a step in a green direction as a travel agency, make sure to provide different methods for your client to compensate for the footprint, i.e. take part in the carbon offset! For example, DIB Travel connects their clients with various environmental organisations they can donate to and help save the environment.

Trains are greener in everyone’s yard

Out of nearly all means of transport, trains have proven to pollute the least. Thus, as an agency, it’s crucial to include this option as well and even encourage clients to opt for trains over car or plane rides (when possible). Also, make sure to introduce additional incentives and add to the attractiveness of this option. Our DIB Travel platform, for example, allows our clients in Sweden not only to book trains together with hotels, but to also select their preferred seat.

Green Power: Raise Awareness

Finally, eco-friendliness comes in different shapes and sizes – from recycling waste to using biodegradable toothbrushes and giving up plastic bags. These small habits are something we can all incorporate in our day-to-day lives, but not something you can insist on as an agency. However, while pressuring someone is never an option, you can always include these tips and recommendations for each client, offer additional benefits for “green behavior” and thus show your commitment to a greener future – don’t be all talk and no action!

Just by following these few easy steps, you’ll be making a significant impact towards sustainable travel. While this is not an overnight process, take your time to decide where you can begin – and feel free to start small! Simply incorporating one or two of these steps into your policy will already be green-medal-worthy! As a travel agency, you have huge potential to make a big difference and show your clients that green travel is a portable and comfortable lifestyle choice!

To get more insight into our Green Programme, visit our website and learn how we enable our travellers to measure their carbon footprint, set up green rules and get full control over their emissions! 

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