Top 5 Reasons Your Company Needs a Travel Agency (NOW)

In the present day and age, opting for Travel Management Companies (TMCs) is considered an old-school solution. In fact, most small-to-medium businesses seem to be doing fine just by using separate online platforms to book their accommodation, transport etc. However, here at DIB travel, we are convinced that hiring a qualified TMC is not only a rational decision for businesses, but also a matter of digitalised, up-to-date business travel. But let’s consult the facts first and see why you should be contacting a TMC – yesterday:

Close those tabs!

Getting things done online is great! You get to avoid long lines, confusing phone calls and hectic note-taking that causes flashbacks all the way to elementary school and that one teacher you couldn’t stand. However, the best deals online are just as difficult to find.  In addition, they are usually dispersed on various platforms that eventually need to somehow be synced to perfection.

Now, imagine opening just one tab, visiting a single website and getting every single part of your business trip booked there – all at optimized prices and conditions.

Paper-cuts – be gone!

Even the most organised people among us dread piles of paperwork. Frankly, that is just old-school. And yet, submitting printed receipts in order to justify the costs of the trip is simply necessary. However, each receipt has its own deadline, amount, account number and countless pieces of information that can easily slip one’s mind.

TMC’s cover that part as well. For example, here at DIB Travel, booking a business trip works on a one-invoice-only principle. Just to repeat that – one piece of paper and you’re done!

Supported AND secured.

Delays happen. Issues occur. Luggage gets misplaced. Overall – to err is human. However, what is also human is to provide unconditional support and contact 24/7, which a TMC is required to do. However, this perk goes both ways. In case of an emergency, if you book on leisure sites (Skyscanner, etc.), there is no possible way to track and contact your employee. This is where a TMC would help immensely, being able to find and get in touch with the traveler at any point!

Savings galore!

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we mention “savings”? Probably the financial kind. Indeed, when travelling on business, you want to keep the cost and comfort ratio balanced. However, what people tend to disregard are time savings! If you look back and think how much “surfing” it took to find everything you needed and worked with your budget, well… you could’ve probably learnt how to actually surf. 

Hiring a TMC is bound to cut down the time you spend on planning your travel by 80%! What is amazing is that this sort of saving works for both the employee and the employer since this leaves more time for other tasks or relaxation!

Take control to be in control.

If your employees travel a lot, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with all of the expenses. In fact, there is always a risk of going over budget if the spending is not monitored closely. By hiring a reliable business travel agency, you can make sure that the expenses fit your budget. With DIB Travel, you can even receive alerts if a booking being made violates a part of your travel policy and, additionally, include an approval process, which increases the level of control. 

Hiring a TMC can help you create a single policy for all instances of business travel. To help you get a clearer image of what a policy should look like, we’ve made a Travel Policy Template. If you’re interested in detailed, concise and spot-on instructions, make sure to check out How to Write a Travel Policy

And one more reminder – though the purpose of business travel does include effort on part of the employee, it is important to remember that the management team also has a responsibility towards their employees and provide them with the best conditions possible, with the help of a qualified TMC. Make sure to stay safe and happy travelling!

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