Top 5 Destinations For Business Travels

top 5 business travel destinations

Just like it is the case with leisure travel, the business travel should provide the equal dose of enjoyment in addition to work related topics. Business trips are a great way for people to bond, strengthen team work and form connections. Travel in 2021 has upped its game proving destinations play an important role in organisation of successful business meetings, thus, the goal is they provide the industrial presence as well as various types of cultural content. Without further ado we present you with top 5 destinations fully answering the question of business or pleasure in a positive manner for both aspects.

Hong Kong

The leading business destination from the east goes hand-in-hand with New York or London when  it comes to the amount of influence it has on the corporate world. Hong Kong can boast of one distinguished feature crucial for the world of business – free market policies. Alongside free information flow and one of the least corrupt economies in the world many companies decide to integrate the knowledge it offers in their own business strategies. The cultural aspect is not less impressive. Visiting the Big Buddha, for example, will definitely broaden one’s horizons a little more.


The capital of Belgium is said to be the capital of European business endeavours. As the host of the European Parliament, Brussels also prides itself in being the administrative centre of Europe headquartering many large corporations and companies. With all this in mind it is not surprising it is a popular destination for business travel, team buildings and establishing connections. Apart from the political and national power it wields, Belgium’s biggest city possesses some of the finest art collections on the continent. 

Mexico City

Mexico City is a global leader in pharmaceutical industry. With this asset in hand it is one of the most prosperous corporate destinations in the world. Due to the amicable mentality and the social openness of the nation it is a great place to do develop and strengthen business relations on a domestic and international level. Rich and tumultuous history of this city offers an adventurous side to explore when the work is done.

San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge might be the first association to San Francisco and though it is an astonishing landmark on its own, the city has a lot more at disposal. Many of the top-tier technology giants opted for San Francisco to be their head office and with good reason. The range of industries is so widespread here that it enables everyone’s interest to be met. All things considered San Francisco makes a perfect getaway business destination. 

New York

The Big Apple has a lot to offer within its diverse opus. Not only is it one of the most visited touristic places in the world, it is also home to the acclaimed financial institutions, media corporations and agencies. New York is the perfect place for network and due to the wide range of covered market landing a business deal is almost guaranteed. Once the working hours are over one can give in to the charms of the Empire State Building, Times Square or Statue of Liberty.

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