Taking Advantage of Digital Age In Business Travel

We can safely say most of the world has entered digital age. We are narrowing it down and focusing on business travel. 

The question is: has business travel become digital enough? 

Considering that space travel is a work in progress at the moment it is safe to say the Earth has been decently digitalised. 

While we wait to hold business meetings on Mars lets explore the ways digitalisation has made business travel easier. 

Automation in Business Travel

When providing an online service, especially the one as detailed as business travel it is important it is quick and efficient. Now days people do not want to search multiple browsers in order to book a flight or find accommodation i.e. to spend time multitasking around the same thing. They want it all in one place. And for that to work automation must take place. Customers will appreciate if they can take care of everything on the spot, rather than having to go through another person acting as an intermediary.

DIB travel takes pride in doing precisely this, through a platform where customers can organise a business trip by their terms with ease and simplicity. Not only can you book a hotel, flight and rent a car all at once but also a 24/7 support by professional travel agents is at your disposal. You can book a demo according to your time table and get all the information first-hand from our business travel experts. 


Digital age is also the age of sustainability. More than ever consumers are drawn to organic, humane and green way of doing business. The ability to track, analyse and report on the carbon footprint rate is currently the biggest nod to sustainability. Those with the analytics to support this stand are aiming for the most lucrative positions in business travel industry. 

Once you search flights at DIB travel for certain destination, among the flight details you will be given the CO2 emission per flight, as presented in the screenshot:

Reliable Information

Having all the information available can be a double-edged sword since not all of them is accurate. If you decide to leap across the country or world in pursue of professional success, finding reliable information is a key element. You need to be in touch with the current affairs. Obviously, the biggest one screaming in our faces at the moment is the pandemic. So what are good ways to find COVID19 restrictions info for different countries before embarking on that business trip flight?

Obviously, the most reliable way is to contact the embassy of the country in question and ask. A less time-consuming way would be to check out the websites dedicated to this topic, like Sherpa.

Sherpa is a travel guide which helps you obtain the correct travel documentation and understand all the necessary requirements.

On Sherpa, once you enter the details on destination, departure and return and hit enter you will see all the needed information in detail regarding travel restrictions, visa requirements, forms and documents for the country you searched. It is a reliable, easy to search, ‘all in one place’ kind of source. You can find out more by signing up to DIB travel. 

Check out the screenshots below for a preview:

Taking Advantage of Digital Age In Business Travel

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