Top 5 Destinations For Business Travels

Just like it is the case with leisure travel, the business travel should provide the equal dose of enjoyment in addition to work related topics. Business trips are a great way for people to bond, strengthen team work and form connections. Travel in 2021 has upped its game proving destinations play an important role in… Continue reading Top 5 Destinations For Business Travels

Post-Pandemic Business Era – What Have We Learned?

After the heavy struck of COVID19 the business world experienced huge downfall. Now that we are entering the so called ‘new normal’ and the damage control is in progress one cannot help but wonder what now? The biggest change has undoubtedly been the shift in working environment but the consequences fall far beyond that. With… Continue reading Post-Pandemic Business Era – What Have We Learned?

How to Organise the Perfect Team-building Event

This August, with lovely summery weather and a picturesque location just by the Sava river in Belgrade, we decided to organise an event to bring all of our Dibbers together. As things are slowly going back to normal, we felt that it was important to use this opportunity to bring the whole team back together,… Continue reading How to Organise the Perfect Team-building Event

Top 5 Reasons Your Company Needs a Travel Agency (NOW)

In the present day and age, opting for Travel Management Companies (TMCs) is considered an old-school solution. In fact, most small-to-medium businesses seem to be doing fine just by using separate online platforms to book their accommodation, transport etc. However, here at DIB travel, we are convinced that hiring a qualified TMC is not only… Continue reading Top 5 Reasons Your Company Needs a Travel Agency (NOW)


In tough times, it is important to provide help and support whenever possible and, very often, such difficult periods of time tend to bring us all closer together. Just because the world seemingly stopped for a second doesn’t mean we should stop dreaming and striving towards our goals, regardless of the circumstances. Therefore, it brings… Continue reading DIBathlon!

Business Travel Just Got Easier

Picture yourself on a business trip in a foreign country: a stroll to a picturesque city center right after a successful meeting; an appetizing lunch with your customer and/or colleagues in an exclusive restaurant; returning to your hotel within a walking distance from the center. Now think of organizing that entire trip. Where to go?… Continue reading Business Travel Just Got Easier

Electric Aircraft

The electric aircraft may be supplied by a variety of methods including batteries, ground power cables, solar cells, ultra-capacitors, fuel cells, and power beaming. The idea of electrically powered aircraft dates way back to 1883 when the French scientist flew the first ever electrically-powered airship. Almost 150 years later, only today we are optimistic that… Continue reading Electric Aircraft

The Future of Business Travel

The world is constantly changing and thanks to technology it is becoming a smaller and more connected place. There are more people traveling than ever before. The business travel industry continues to grow, with experts saying that global business travel spend will reach $1.9 trillion by 2022 and most employees nowadays see corporate travel as… Continue reading The Future of Business Travel