Electric Aircraft

The electric aircraft may be supplied by a variety of methods including batteries, ground power cables, solar cells, ultra-capacitors, fuel cells, and power beaming. The idea of electrically powered aircraft dates way back to 1883 when the French scientist flew the first ever electrically-powered airship. Almost 150 years later, only today we are optimistic that… Continue reading Electric Aircraft

How Millennials have changed the hotel industry

The business traveler of today is a complex individual who doesn’t have a single travel profile. He or she may be going to a conference and staying at the conference hotel, or more often they’ll be traveling more casually. Today’s business traveler is often trying to avoid big conference hotels in search of more modern,… Continue reading How Millennials have changed the hotel industry

7 most luxurious hotels for the ultimate green experience

7. The ADLER Mountain Lodge: Alpe di Suisi, Italy Built on a UNESCO heritage site in the Alpe di Suisi, the property complies with the “Kilmahaus Nature standard” strict criteria relating to building materials, water management, and energy efficiency. Buildings are constructed with local mountain timber. The Mountain Lodge utilizes a customized energy solution by operating… Continue reading 7 most luxurious hotels for the ultimate green experience

How to travel Green?

Green travel is not a passing trend but a portable lifestyle choice. Consumers are becoming far more environmentally-conscious with regard to travel and how their transportation choices can impact the environment. There is also a growing awareness of corporate social responsibility among both consumers and industry players. “Sustainable travel is all about creating a positive… Continue reading How to travel Green?

Frequent traveler tips and tricks

How to keep your business clothes from wrinkling in your luggage? Imagine opening your suitcase on an important business trip to a bunch of wrinkled clothes. What a nightmare right? In this article, we will share with you some tips and tricks on how to prevent wrinkles in your business clothes when traveling. 1. Overlap… Continue reading Frequent traveler tips and tricks

7 Most Creative Offices in the World

From ice cream machines to digital detox rooms, the world’s coolest offices have features to cater to every need. Some of these workspaces feature athletic equipment that helps workers reduce stress. Others have lounges where workers can relax, enjoy the corporate perks, and feel at home. Beyond the mentioned perks, these beautiful spaces are designed… Continue reading 7 Most Creative Offices in the World