Turning the New (Sustainability) Page

Better – Greener – Automatized These were the key concepts we decided on when DIB Travel was founded. What makes this philosophy even better is that we stayed true to our initial idea and continued to develop business travel in this DIBrection. Having overcome many challenges along the way – the most recent one being… Continue reading Turning the New (Sustainability) Page

Travel Agency Gone Green

Be it business or pleasure, we’re bound to leave a carbon footprint when setting off to travel. It’s pretty much unavoidable. However, this fact should not be discouraging to either a travel agency or their clients. It should rather serve as an additional boost to do our best and give back to nature without giving… Continue reading Travel Agency Gone Green

Electric Aircraft

The electric aircraft may be supplied by a variety of methods including batteries, ground power cables, solar cells, ultra-capacitors, fuel cells, and power beaming. The idea of electrically powered aircraft dates way back to 1883 when the French scientist flew the first ever electrically-powered airship. Almost 150 years later, only today we are optimistic that… Continue reading Electric Aircraft

Can luxury travel be green?

Many players in the travel industry seem to be making a good faith effort to move towards sustainability. But this raises a question: Can you delight the whims of an ultra-high net worth traveler while also being truly sustainable? If your definition of sustainability goes beyond nixing plastic straws and offering a vegan restaurant. Given… Continue reading Can luxury travel be green?