Great news for all of our avid travellers in Sweden! You can now obtain your vaccination certificate online and travel freely to your destination in only 4 steps. From 1 July, those who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 can pick up their certificate, which is valid throughout the EU. In the long run, the disease… Continue reading COVIDBEVIS.SE UPDATE

Flying Safely during COVID-19

It’s been almost a year since the pandemic started (time flew, but we didn’t) and the dynamics of it seem to be changing from day to day. However, travel doesn’t have to be a risk whatsoever, as long as you’re staying updated on valid information and following the precautions. To help you feel safe too,… Continue reading Flying Safely during COVID-19

Traveling and traveling industry in the age of COVID-19

With Coronavirus outbreak there are some shifts in the traveling industry and the travel itself became a debatable question. How did the virus outbreak hit the air industry? Should we make travel plans? How much do we really risk by doing so? We tried to cover some of the hot topics of the current changes… Continue reading Traveling and traveling industry in the age of COVID-19