Escaping the US: a story by DIB

We can all agree that travel truly is fun, but it can sometimes prove to be unpredictable as well, especially for the past year. This is exactly why it is extremely important for all TMC’s, be it business or leisure travel, to build a high-quality, reliable customer support service. Here at DIB Travel we often… Continue reading Escaping the US: a story by DIB

Introducing DIB Alliance

It is no secret that the travel industry is among the most impacted by the global pandemic. Despite the difficult circumstances, DIB Travel decided to use that time to think of the best possible way to overcome this difficulty and become leading innovators when it comes to digitalizing the travel process. We are convinced that… Continue reading Introducing DIB Alliance

How to Book a Business Trip in 3 Minutes

The digital future of business travel has finally arrived and here at DIB Travel, we’ll be happy to introduce you to it first. Stop searching around for your travel and close dozens of open tabs. Three minutes is all you need to have your hotel, flight and any additional form of transport booked and ready.… Continue reading How to Book a Business Trip in 3 Minutes