The Future of Business Travel

Is now With DIB Travel

dib travel was founded in 2015

Tale as old as time…

Our co-founders met during a trip in 2015, tired of using old, slow, expensive and analogue travel agencies with poor customer service.

With blank paper, sharp pens and a deep understanding for new technology and service we decided to challenge old structures and make business travel pleasant and effortless!

With DIB Travel
more about us Business + Pleasure & Convenience

Business + Pleasure & Convenience

Our aim was to create a platform that makes business travel an enjoyable, easy and convenient experience.

One of the key aspects we focused on: time efficiency, top-tier customer support and constant technological innovation.

To the future - and beyond!

Our state-of-the-art platform allows you to book everything you need for your business trip in under 3 minutes, according to your own preferences and your company’s predefined budget.

Core values

Empowered Teams

Teamwork makes our business travel dream work! Our team is our strength. We empower each other by always having transparent communication, treating each other respectfully and being accountable for our promises.

Customer first! dib travel

Customer first!

We are strongly committed to delivering superior value to our customers, partners and stakeholders. Making business travel simple and enjoyable for the customer is at the center of everything we do!

dib travel Constant Innovation


Curiosity is our passion, we proactively work to become market leader through innovation, both for technology and processes.
dib travel Celebrate success

Celebrate success

DIB travel is a creative and fun place to work at. While working hard to achieve our targets, we never forget to have fun and celebrate both individual and team success.

Passion towards what we do

Passion towards
what we do

We strive to challenge the status quo and develop smarter solutions in order to revolutionize business travel from the core.