SJ presents new high-speed trains

SJ presents new high-speed trains
SJ presents new high-speed trains

We are thrilled to see that our close partner SJ continues to deliver great innovative solutions for our Swedish travellers with stunning new high-speed trains that are as sleek as they are environmentally friendly.

SJ has been the main connecting lifeline for Swedes for nearly a century and is still the go-to mode of transportation for traveling around the country. Their dedication to quality, comfort, precision and convenience is the stuff of legends, but they did not choose to rest on their laurels; instead, they are on the innovation fast track and we are right there with them! 

They are focusing on sustainable environmentally friendly train travel, from using natural materials from renewable sources to reducing noise pollution and, most importantly, reducing their carbon impact on the country and the world. SJ have chosen to give their vote of confidence to Alstom, the global leader in lightning speed train travel for over 40 years. They have invested €650 million into acquiring 25 ultra-fast electric trains, with the option to purchase 15 more, which can and will ultimately be certified for travel in other Scandinavian countries. The Zefiro Express trains can run up to 250 km/h, providing practically faster-than-a-speeding-bullet travel to 363 passengers at maximum capacity.

Our partners are very much on track (pun intended) with their emission reduction goals and we could not be more on board (last pun, promise) with that. We most admire their openness to collaborating with different state authorities and various industries, because it is quite clear that a group effort is needed to produce a real and ongoing change.

It is no coincidence that the Zefiro Express is reminiscent of the god of the west wind, as it runs with divine speed and mythical lack of pollution. On top of that, they have made sure to integrate the harsh whimsey of Swedish winters into their design, so that passengers can be comfortable and safe even during -40C weather conditions. 

The world is changing in many ways, and the companies leading the way to a climate-resilient sustainable future will be the winners. As the song goes, the winner takes it all and DIB Travel is always on the winning team!

We are proud to have partnered with SJ as they have demonstrated their great commitment to ushering in the era of sustainable global transport systems. The purchase of Zefiro Express electrical trains was just the ticket and you will be able to book that ticket through our platform. The first trains will be on their tracks in 2026, but we know it will be worth the wait. We can’t wait to fly on the ground with the trains of the future!

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