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Real-time Analytics and Reporting

Be fully in control of your budget and spending – receive real-time analytics and reporting, which you can check at any time on our platform. Use this valuable insight to improve your cost efficiency and overall travel planning.

One invoice - countless saving options

Let’s keep traveling simple.

Instead of dozens of receipts, receive only 1 monthly invoice per entity for all your travelling fees – each invoice already contains all the necessary data according to reference fields and cost centres (your accountants will love us!).

Full User Management

Make business travel easier instantly!

Organize all your travellers according to their respective departments. In addition, our platform allows you to both customize and manage your employees’ travel by creating up to 8 reference fields (Cost Centres, Project Name, Employee Number etc.) and by using seamless Travel Policy and Approval Workflow integration on our platform to provide you with complete insight and control.

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DIB Travel believes in a greener future.

This is why on our platform, you can check exact CO2 emissions of your flight and opt for a greener one. If you share our passion towards sustainability, we also offer numerous carbon offsetting options and suggestions on how you can travel green.

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