Post-Pandemic Business Era – What Have We Learned?

post pandemic business world

After the heavy struck of COVID19 the business world experienced huge downfall. Now that we are entering the so called ‘new normal’ and the damage control is in progress one cannot help but wonder what now?

The biggest change has undoubtedly been the shift in working environment but the consequences fall far beyond that. With the uncertainty still pending, the priorities are being reconsidered and the new adjustments are taking place. The ‘new normal’ post-pandemic business era has started – alongside the fresh perspective.

Technology Is Not Substitute for Manpower

Within the last two decades a lot has been said about the reduced necessity of human recourses in modern world due to the swift advancement of technology. Many argued human labor will not be needed as much in certain branches as the machines threaten to occupy their place. However, some post-pandemic researches have proven human element is not only required in the world of
business but it is the essence of its success. The measure of a company’s impact on the market is showcased through the goal accomplishments executed by people and the technology is a mere tool of those executions. The accuracy of this statement will serve as a constant reminder for the post-covid world, the stability of business field is in the hands of workforce.

post covid business world

Public Health Is Individual Health And Vice Versa

Prior to COVID19 pandemic the general focus in terms of public health has mostly been based on environmental issues. Faced with the unstoppable changes in the environment, during the last decade big corporations have taken steps towards bringing awareness to global warming, the importance of recycling and sustainable energy. In spite of all the efforts, people have
overlooked the bigger picture and did not overly engage in the matter. The pandemic brought the long time coming reaction to, not only environmental issues but the role of individual health for the sake of the common good. More discussions, action and steps are taking place within the business circles on micro level in terms of joined form of protection for both environment and human health. Now days people are encouraged to wear cotton masks instead of disposable ones when staying in the office, to keep distance and do their job remotely in order to influence the reduction of carbon footprint due to commute. Generally, employees appear to be more aware the responsibility of public health in all aspects lies in every individual.

Plan A: Business Resilience

post covid business world

One of the hardest hits for the world of business was playing by every rule of the pandemic. The companies, including the top-tier corporations, seem to have not elaborated enough relevant plans to support them in case of global crisis. The priorities have already been changed, with the biggest emphasis being human safety as the key element of business sustainability. Detailed plans incorporating crisis response teams, strategies and tactics for the main purpose of a long-term resilience program are in the process of creation. The outlook regarding finances, specifically, savings, is reshaped to provide stability for the workforce with no risk of losing profit. The overall connection of management and employees has intertwined since it is proven that now, more than ever, they depend on mutual cooperation. Even though the consequences of the COVID19 are yet to be fully revealed it can be said people have gotten used to the notion of their presence. The harsh reality brought forth by the pandemic has been difficult for everybody but the silver lining seems to shine brightest for the business world. The companies learned the assets at digital disposal are only valuable through the experienced hand of manpower and the most unpredictable scenarios can be foreseen through meticulous planning protecting all parties along the way.

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