Pandemic Office Life

The Corona virus has permanently impacted virtually every aspect of our life and forced us to slow down, even stop for a minute, take a deep breath (with a mask on!) and – keep going, even stronger. One of the most challenging questions was to find a way for to move forward even at the office. Turns out – it is absolutely manageable, with slight adaptations of course. As a result, we’re witnessing an evolved form of work: Office Life 2.0!

There’s no place like… a home office

During the pandemic, many business reconsidered and rediscovered the option of working from home. Forbes reports that nearly three quarters (74%) of CFOs expect to transition a number of previously on-premise employees to remote work setups permanently. Naturally, not everyone was able to make this shift, so we witnessed various hybrid options which combined working at the office and partly from home. One of the smart options also included alternating schedules, which would guarantee that very few people would share the same space simultaneously. In cases where neither option was doable, another solution came to mind:

Office space – reimagined

Cubicles, shared desks and crammed surfaces are no longer a safe option. As a consequence, the office space is more likely to look like it did before, with more private offices or corners if the budget and space allow for such a shift, of course. What about those large meeting rooms and crowded staff meetings that need to be attended? No problem there either, which brings us to:

The Rise of Video Conferencing

While the invention of video conferencing apps is not a novelty, the widespread and urgent need for these apps absolutely skyrocketed during this time and was one of the most beneficial ways to help the business world to keep going and bridge the gap between remote employees! Platforms such as Zoom, Skype, Slack etc. have indeed blossomed, BBC reporting a jaw-dropping 355% leap in revenue for Zoom! Consequently, video calls have become a regular occurrence and very often, in order to save time (and energy), many of those meetings that “could have been an email” – now actually are!

Slate/Desks Wiped Clean

One of the changes that are bound to stick around for a while definitely includes regular and detailed cleaning. Many offices now have both increased the frequency of deep-cleaning and also encourage the employees themselves to keep their work station as clean as possible. Interestingly, many companies are now thinking about the way the air in the office space circulates and are investing in air filters too, creating a risk-free environment!

These were some of the most basic steps taken during the pandemic that effectively enabled the office life to go on. While the current situation does require additional effort and quick changes, it has also provided all of us with newly-found energy and has taught us a crucial lesson – to stay positive and do our work in such a way that combines efficiency with both safety and convenience!

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