Introducing DIB Alliance

It is no secret that the travel industry is among the most impacted by the global pandemic. Despite the difficult circumstances, DIB Travel decided to use that time to think of the best possible way to overcome this difficulty and become leading innovators when it comes to digitalizing the travel process. We are convinced that the only way to go from here is not only forward, but, more importantly, together. This is why DIB Travel has created an alliance for all Travel Management Companies (TMC’s) that are ready to take this crucial step towards modernized travel first: 

State-of-the-art platform

With great user experience and innovative functionally for both Travellers, Travel Managers   and decision makers within the B2B customer. By joining the DIB side, your customers will gain access to our innovative yet intuitive, easy-to-use platform. It allows them to take care of every single part of their trip: hotel, flight, train or public transport, all within a previously defined Travel Policy, which simultaneously allows a variety of options to choose from and additional control on part of the management through integrated travel policy, approval, analytics and reporting at the fingertips of the clients. Our solution also supports green travel, and your clients can easily track and offset their Carbon footprint!

All-star league

DIB Travel does not stand alone in our attempt to revolutionise travel! By joining forces, TMC’s gain direct access not only to GDS’s but also to some of the largest global Travel platforms such as, Expedia, and more. In this way, you can provide your customers with unique hotel content, being able to choose from 1,5+ million different properties and any category that suits their needs – from Bed & Breakfast to 5-Star hotels!

Airline content is accessed through the major GDS’s and where needed i.e., for NDC content also through direct connect. Rail & Car rental are also accessible through the platform, but there was no stopping there. We are cooking up many more travel-related services are constantly being assessed and added to the platform, such us safe travel, insurance, flight delay compensation, expense solutions, green travel – coming soon.

Travel Management

– done like never before. DIB Travel’s platform provides control for all! This means both self-management for the traveller as well as online travel management at the fingertips of the customer! By managing their travel spend through our platform your clients will be able to gain control, savings and traveler satisfaction.

Competitive Power

Finally, the phrase “We’re stronger together” is taken on another level! Despite the current situation in the world caused by the pandemic, the travel industry has an incredibly competitive market! Within DIB Alliance, all TMC’s benefit directly from the collective purchasing power the Alliance has. Consequently, this also gives TMC’s access to more competitive supplier agreements.

There is no doubt the travel industry will need time to recover fully, so we have decided to aid and accelerate this process by creating a unity like no other in order to join different Travel Management Companies and make travel easier and more cost-efficient. We offer strong partnership to those who are ready for takeoff towards the future, our final destination being a world where business travel is supported by automatisation and digitalization.

With our technology you will be able to support your clients to modernize and transform their way of doing business travel with cost efficiency and traveler satisfaction on a completely new level.

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