How to Save on Your Business Travel

Though business travel often entails various types of expenses, it seems almost unimaginable that it could also be an opportunity for companies to save up on various types of resources. How is this possible? All signs are pointing to a common source: this world of opportunities is unlocked by hiring a reliable Travel Management Company (TMC) that can make it happen. We hereby nominate – ourselves. Before we start discussing the modesty behind this statement, let’s take a look at all the ways you can save on corporate trips with DIB Travel.

Save Time

Getting things done online is great! Booking a business trip – even better! You get to avoid long lines, confusing phone calls and hectic note taking. However, the best deals online are just as difficult to find.  What makes things worse is that they are usually dispersed on various platforms that eventually need to somehow be synced to perfection, which boils down to your computer sounding like a jet plane while trying to keep all your tabs open and working.

Now, imagine opening just one tab, visiting a single website, and getting every single part of your business trip booked there – all at optimized prices and conditions. This is bound to cut down the time you spend on planning your travel by 80% – or even more! This works for both the employee and the employer since this leaves more time for other tasks or relaxation!

Save Money

Speaking of optimized prices – DIB Travel’s state-of-the-art platform offers a range of prices to choose from according to your company’s travel policy. When travelling on business trips, you want to keep the cost and comfort ratio balanced. That is why DIB Travel has recently introduced low-cost carriers as a part of our offer. All the more reason to pay a visit to our platform now (no pun intended)!

Save Paper

Even the most organized among us dread piles of paperwork. Frankly, that is just old-school. And yet, submitting printed invoices in order to justify the costs of the trip is simply necessary. However, each invoice has its own deadline, amount, account number and countless pieces of information that can easily slip one’s mind.

We’ve taken care of that part as well. Here at DIB Travel, booking a business trip works on a one-invoice-only principle. Just to repeat that – one digital invoice per month and you’re done! It makes the entire process easier – and greener!

Save the Planet

In case you haven’t noticed, green is definitely our color! Mostly because it matches one of our core values: giving back to the environment. Sustainability is the standard that the entire world is striving towards. For this reason, we decided to take things to a new dimension with revolutionary green features that are available on our all-in-one booking platform. 

These features include real-time tracking of your carbon footprint for the entirety of your trip, as well as the option to choose a flight with the lowest CO2 emission rate. Last, but most certainly not the least, you can opt to pay our green fee through which you are directly investing in certified projects that work towards a more sustainable future. The best part is that you can browse the projects and choose the one that suits you and your company’s values the best!

Now it’s official: business trips can, in fact, be a source of multiple ways to economize once you decide to join forces with a reliable TMC partner – such as DIB Travel. If you want to find out more about the way we operate, what drives us, and, most importantly, how we can work together to achieve business travel greatness – visit our website, book a free demo and let’s get in touch ASAP. There’s no time (or money or paper) to lose!

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