How to dress right for your office holiday party?

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Are you also one of those people who consider getting dressed for the work holiday party a real nightmare? Is it work, or is it a party? We agree that it can be a bit confusing partying around the people whom you generally like to impress with your professionality and intellect. Since the annual invite is about to be sent, we are giving you the head start with this brief guide on how to suitably dress for your office holiday party.


Is a no! Come on, out of all 365 days in the year you want to wear your same boring grey/black suit ( yes it’s boring because it’s a suit, and it is in grey/black ?) for the Christmas party? Seriously? So if you started reading this, hoping you would get a confirmation on your favorite dull, already ironed, and properly hanged suit keep scrolling!

The only suit we’ll allow is a velvet suit in dark green, deep purple, or burgundy all very in this season so you will get out of your comfort zone (a whole inch!) and still manage to look cool. You can wear it with a simple black turtleneck (or a shimmery bodysuit for the ladies), but if you decide to risk just a bit more, do it right with some funny, holiday-themed necktie.

Trousers and a shirt

If you’re deciding against the suit this year (good for you!) find a good pair of light loose trousers that you can wear to the office in the morning with white Adidas sneakers and a sweater. Bring with you a fancy silk shirt in a bright color or funny pattern, and the party can start!

Cool blazer

Choose the nice lined jacket of attractive cut ( “the one that makes you send yourself kisses when walking pass the mirrors” cut ) and the good solid fabric and from there just go big! Add on some epaulettes or handkerchief with all the Santas little helpers on it! It’s really practical too since you can wear it over any T-shirt, turtleneck or a white shirt and combine it with your favorite trousers.

When in doubt wear red

If you still decide to wear your typical black rollneck sweater remember that nothing great ever came from the comfort zone, maybe it will work for you (probably not), but you will be one out of the ten people who showed up wearing the same thing. Instead, (for crying out loud take some risks, live a little!) wear red since it will probably be a less popular choice but at the same time the best color option for Christmas.

It’s finally that time of the year! (Rocky theme tune playing in the background)

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It’s the UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER time of the year (high pitched voice), and we couldn’t be happier! For all of you who appreciate the subtle art of looking awkward in public, it’s time to proudly walk into your office in your favorite ugly (adorable!) Christmas sweater! All jokes aside guys this time of the year is all about laughter and making someone happy. So if laughing at my sweater makes you happy, then I will wear two because it’s just the kind of person I am. So for all of you wearing your sweaters, don’t forget that not all heroes wear capes (some wear very ugly-adorable sweaters)!

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