How to Book a Business Trip in 3 Minutes

The digital future of business travel has finally arrived and here at DIB Travel, we’ll be happy to introduce you to it first. Stop searching around for your travel and close dozens of open tabs. Three minutes is all you need to have your hotel, flight and any additional form of transport booked and ready. Curious to see how? Read on!


DIB Travel partnered up with some of the world’s largest booking platforms such as and Expedia to provide you with unique hotel content. By using our platform, there is no more need for countless open tabs for price comparison – you can  now choose from 1,5+ million different properties. In addition, you can take your pick from any category that suits your needs – from Bed & Breakfast to 5-Star hotels. Our flexible sort order will accommodate both your own and your company’s preferences. 

Flight – Bus – Train

Naturally, you need to reach your destination and accommodation somehow. Yes, we’re  still on the same (web) page, where you can book a flight, bus or train ride by searching through all the major airlines as well as the low-cost ones. Just pick the best option right at your fingertips, select your seat and enjoy the ride!

Flexible Payment

Finally, payment tends to take up a lot of your time before and especially after your business trip, primarily due to tons of paperwork. DIB Travel’s platform summarizes all of your travel expenses on a single piece of paper. Apart from our one-invoice-only policy, we also provide flexible payment options, including a prepaid option for your company’s account. 

The time you needed to read this text is exactly how long it would take you or your colleagues to book an entire business trip on DIB Travel’s platform. So why keep searching around – simply book your best travel option with DIB Travel.

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