Greener 2022: Corporate Travel Reset

Corporate travel industry will take its time to recover way until 2024, recent studies show. However, there is a promising leap in demand expected in 2022 with a broader sense of expansion. Given the changes in the world in the last 2 years the shift of priorities has taken place in business travel world.

Wake-Up Call

What is the real story?

Concern for human health evoke the concern for environmental issues on a a global level. Even before the COVID19 pandemic people began showing interest in the ways companies from all branches approached the sustainability module. Thankfully, now more than ever, the question of eco-friendly behaviours has been opened in the business travel industry. Corporate travel suffered downfall in the previous years but 2022 might just be the perfect springboard for the greener, brighter year. 

The silver lining is that many have returned to the office, meaning business travels will start again. With the new awareness about the fragility of human health came wide-eyed realisation the world around us needs protection. 

Actions in Corporate Travel

How exactly will the post-pandemic, sustainable corporate travel look like?

The main focus of many business travel agencies is the reduction of carbon footprint. One of the possibilities they offer is checking the CO2 emissions of a certain flight and choosing the one that is eco-friendly. In addition, if you need to rent a car you can opt for a hybrid or electric one contributing to the same goal. 

Green-oriented business travel agencies have long began encouraging contactless technology and ‘no-print’ practices. People finally came to realise there is no need to print a boarding pass or booking confirmation, since it can all be in one place – mobile phone. These practices have double benefit for both environment preservation and maintaining social distance.

Sustainable destinations became a thing! Corporate travel in 2022 will definitely hold many team buildings and meetings in countries with carbo neutral cities or eco-friendly urban planning. Sustainable travel requires sustainable accommodation as well! Imagine the sheer joy of people discussing business related topics while relishing the ultimate green experience of an eco-friendly hotel. Concern due to pandemic has for sure contributed to this but is nevertheless a step forward to greener future of business travel. 

Hotel Infographic for corporate travel


Eco-friendly companies have definitely made people turn heads! The corporate travel industry is undoubtedly among the ones contributing to pollution the most. With this in mind it is refreshing to see companies from this branch trying to make a change. DIB Travel is one of them, an ardent advocate of the greener, more sustainable world. The prime focus of DIB is nurturing the above mentioned aspects on a day-to-day basis through experience of their customers.

If you want to find out more you can start a free 90-day trial to learn more about benefits of doing business travel with DIB.

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