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How to keep your business clothes from wrinkling in your luggage?

Imagine opening your suitcase on an important business trip to a bunch of wrinkled clothes. What a nightmare right? In this article, we will share with you some tips and tricks on how to prevent wrinkles in your business clothes when traveling.

1. Overlap

Wrap your delicate items around other clothing items that are less prone to wrinkles. This gives your delicate pieces a bit of a cushion, so they’re not rubbing upon themselves as you travel.

2. Roll Your Clothes

Roll your clothes (pantsuit from the top of the waist, fold blouses over once then roll them from the top down), this is the oldest and probably the most efficient trick.

3. Dry Cleaning Bags

Keep your clothes inside dry cleaning bags after they’ve been ironed. All you need to do is lay them flat in your suitcase with the bag still in place. You may have some adjusting to do depending on how big the suitcase is and the size of the dry cleaning bag.

4. Tissue Paper

Fold your shirts and pants with a piece of tissue paper or plastic bag in the middle. This reduces wrinkles because it cuts down the friction (which causes wrinkles).

5. Get a cover for your clothes

Get a cover for your clothes. Many airplanes have coatracks at the very front where you can hang your cover. This separates your business outfits from the rest of your clothes, and it helps prevent wrinkles.

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