Does DIB have an app, can I book on my phone?

You can book via any device (desktop, ipad, phone) browser so no need for an app

Do you offer some way to climate compensate my trips?

We know the impact travels have on our environment and make sure to do all we can to address this. Carbon receipts and climate compensation are just two things we enable to make sure companies travel smart.

Can I book trips outside Europe?

Yes of course. You can book travel and hotels all over the world.

Can I book a private trip through DIB Travel?

Yes of course. You do this by changing to your desired payment method.

Is everything prepaid before the trip, or I will have to pay an additional amount in the hotel?

We are all for the receiptless travel so either you pay hotels in advance (through your credit card or using the billing profile option) or else you choose to book in the DIB portal and pay at the hotel. You may have to pay local taxes at hotels in some locations.

Will I have to provide credit card when checking in to a hotel?

The hotel might ask you for a credit card to cover eventual extra expenses (e.g. mini bar, restaurant)

Does the rate stated in cart include all taxes?

For flights and trains, all taxes are included in the price shown. For hotels, local taxes may be added at check-in.

How can I use my loyalty card when booking a hotel? And, will I earn points when using it trough DIB Travel?

Yes, but we can’t in all cases guarantee that you will receive points.

I have booked a room in my name even if I wanted to book for a colleague. What should I do?

For future bookings you can change the guest’s name at the check-out page, just before you do the payment. If needed please contact our support.

I can’t add baggage to my flight, what should I do?

Please contact our support and they will be happy to assist you with adding baggage.

How do I sign up for a DIB account?

You register your account at https://app.dibtravel.com/sign-up

I am getting an error message when I want to book a flight. Why?

This is probably due to a price change that depends on availability. Please remove the flight from the cart and search for the same flight again. New price will show up and you will be able to complete your booking.

Do I need to provide details of my birth date?

Yes. For some countries flight tickets cannot be issued without this information.

How do I know if a reservation is confirmed?

Every purchase you do on the DIB Portal generates a separate email confirmation and you find your bookings in “My Travel” on the portal.

Why did I need to pay for the hotel upon checking in? Didn’t I already pay for it?

You should not need to pay for the hotel stay twice! DIB travel offers both hotel payments via invoice (in which case you should not have to pay again) and paying at the hotel.

Why do other sites show a room available for a hotel, and DIB Travel is showing it as sold out?

Such a situation will only happen very occasionally. Some of our hotel suppliers may keep a “last room” in their own platform. Reach out to our Travel Support team and see if they can help you!

What is a codeshare flight?

It is a flight that is marketed by one carrier and operated by another. Codeshare flights are the result of agreements between airlines to sell seats on each other’s flights in order to provide passengers with a wider choice of destinations

Why can’t I pick my seat on a flight?

It usually happens when you have a codeshare flight. You are always welcome to contact our 24/7 customer support by chat, e-mail or phone

Why wouldn’t I book directly with the airline?

We are saving your money and time by offering you tickets for all world destinations by a few clicks on our portal. You can find several offers from different carriers, sorted by the lowest price and the best connections. In the case of cancelation, delaying, or any other issue your personal agent will help you to find the best solution for your trip without waiting in the endless phone queues.

I’m not seeing the flight results I want.

This is very rare but can occur. Please give us a call or a chat and we will book you the ticket through our support.

I found a flight cheaper elsewhere.

On different websites, the first price that appears usually is not the final price. There can always come up with some hidden costs such as taxes and fees or chargable baggage. The too long or too short connection between flights can also affect the price.

I don't want to travel, can someone else use my ticket?

Each ticket contains the passenger’s personal data. The ticket can therefore not be used by another person. If the airline provides a service such as a name-change it will be specified in the terms of purchase.

How can I book a taxi?

Taxis are booked via our travel support team (chat, email or tel).


Who should I contact if I want to make changes to my trip?

Primarily you can do your changes on the platform and also contact our Travel Support Team via the chat, call us at +46 10 8887062 or email us at support@dibtravel.com.

What does Traveler Safety / Duty of Care means?

Through our platform we monitor your active trips and can at any moment track and inform you if a need would arise.

I booked a non-refundable room and need to cancel my reservation, what should I do?

If you need to cancel your a non-refundable booking please contact our Travel Support.

How do I contact DIB?

Our Travel Support agents can be reached 24/7 via our chat function, telephone +46 10 8887062 or email us at support@dibtravel.com.


What is Book Smart incentive program?

An incentive program we tailor with you to drive adoption rate and value at your company. Contact us to learn more.

Which browserts do you support for DIB Portal

We support all browers except for Internet Explorer / Edge.

Can I book rental cars through DIB?

Yes, through our Travel Support Team you have access not only to rental cars, but also to most types of transportation.

Is DIB Travel a travel agency?

Yes. We are a IATA licensed travel agency focusing on business travel. We combine a state of the art travel portal with an expert travel support team.


In which currency can I get invoices?

We offer invoices and payment in EUR and SEK.

Whom do I contact if I have a billing issue?

Questions regarding your billing should be sent to support@dibtravel.com.

I would like to have the invoice sent to our invoice scanning account, can that be arranged?

Yes, in your billing profile enter the email to which you want the pdf invoices sent for scanning.

My Profile

Which languages do you support?

Language, currency and other important settings can be changed in your “Profile” and we support English, Swedish and Serbian.

How do I add my loyalty cards to my profile?

You add your loyalty programmes in your Profile.