Escaping the US: a story by DIB

We can all agree that travel truly is fun, but it can sometimes prove to be unpredictable as well, especially for the past year. This is exactly why it is extremely important for all TMC’s, be it business or leisure travel, to build a high-quality, reliable customer support service. Here at DIB Travel we often say that our 24/7 customer service is one of our greatest assets. Little did we know that we would get the chance, or rather a serious challenge, to prove ourselves very soon.

Imagine the following scenario: you are stuck at an airport in the US, particularly at Lubbock Airport in Texas. It’s very late, probably not even a weekday, so you assume you have no way to contact anyone from your travel agency since they would either be off or simply unavailable. Such was a very recent case we had with one of our customers who, once her flight to Amsterdam was cancelled, immediately contacted our travel support team. However, due to his in-depth knowledge about this particular customer’s situation, it was one of our invaluable employees, Fredrik Andersson who, despite his day off, managed to jump in and organise the customer’s safe return to Amsterdam quickly, efficiently, and, in the words of the said customer, in an incredibly positive and attentive manner. 

We were humbled by the customer’s kind words, but also felt to, maybe in seemingly not-to-humble way, share this little success of ours with an aim to show just how important travel support is to both an agency and their clients. It is also these little moments and victories that remind us every now and then why we love our job here at DIB and inspire us to keep working even harder to introduce even more innovative features, while also maintaining what we do best – care for each and every client.

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