The rise of digital adoption in 2022

Digital adoption in 2022

We are (finally) living in a post-pandemic world, and it is arguably a very different place compared to what it used to be. One of the main and most obvious changes has been that an increasing number of people have been working from home and relying on digital technologies to do just that. The random Zoom meeting has become a weekly standard, and that is just one of the countless changes that appear to have become permanent in our new reality.

On the other hand, travel has restarted the world over and this is beyond good news for a company such as ours, as you may well imagine! While the past years have been trying for some, digital platforms have come out on top with flying colors. So, humble as we are, we can’t exactly say that we’re surprised! 

Clients everywhere have had to adapt to the new circumstances and have moved on from offline bookings and their iterations (such as chat, phone calls and messages) to making digital bookings by themselves on their platform of choice. It is generally considered standard in the business travel world to have a minuscule percentage of all bookings made online and the rest offline, and consumer habits don’t change overnight. But, DIB has had nearly all online and barely any offline bookings even before the world came to a standstill and pushed everyone to digital grounds. You could say we were ahead of the curve and we admit our amazing UX/UI platforms are to ‘blame’ here. This is because we recognized in good time, understanding that the future is digital. 

We at DIB acknowledge that digital adoption is more than mastering new and ever-changing technology; it is about having employees that understand all the benefits of this mode of functioning. This not only ensures the best customer experience but the best internal cohesion and cooperation. It is for the employee as much as for the customer, and the first step is to understand the reason and logic behind the change. And all change is disruptive, no matter how well-planned and beneficial the disruption. 

We’ve all been new at something and know that defeating, sinking feeling of ineptness that promises to never go away. Studies show that employees spend over 20 minutes per day trying to wrap their heads around new technologies and applications. We recognize that everyone needs to be on board on a deeper, human level if you will. It involves a shift in mentality and is quite an upstream swim against our need for habits, stability, and the coziness of the comfort zone. DIB aims to help our employees navigate through the onslaught of skill shifts that the neverending digital adoption requirements. It’s not about battling the learning curb, with a Sisyphus-like the uphill battle but rather nurturing change as the sustainable way forward. The key is not to remember a set of (ever-evolving) technical commands but rather to nurture an open attitude towards new digital adoptions with little to no resistance. Change is the only constant and in order to sustain and scale up any digital business, outlining a clear digital adoption strategy will always be the key to success.

We at DIB are happy to be leading the way, having already prioritized digital adoption; in fact, we’ve adopted it as a part of our office culture. Our employees have embraced digital adoption as a way of functioning in the workplace and we make sure to give constant performance support and not just the occasional training update. 

Not to brag, but we are one big happy digital family! Contact us for all your business travel needs and let us give you the most humane digital experience around.

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