In tough times, it is important to provide help and support whenever possible and, very often, such difficult periods of time tend to bring us all closer together. Just because the world seemingly stopped for a second doesn’t mean we should stop dreaming and striving towards our goals, regardless of the circumstances. Therefore, it brings us immense pleasure to announce that DIB has decided to become a travel sponsor for the dearest of Swedish national teams – biathlon.

During this time where many sponsorships had to be retracted, we decided to support this amazing team and everything they stand for. In our eyes, the biathlon team indeed represents Sweden, but is also the very embodiment of persistence, discipline and incredible talent that we are honoured to support. 

Finally, for us in particular, the team symbolises the pillar of hope that the travel industry will undoubtedly get back on its feet very soon, the team members taking the first steps to show that travel can indeed be done safely and risk-free as they depart to conquer yet another championship.

We wish all the possible luck and success to the Swedish biathlon team and, of course, safe travels – we’ll make sure of that!

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