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Book a hotel, flight, rental cars and train all in one place.

Unified Experience

Book in one place!

Slice the cost.​
Do It Better.
Make the most.​

Use our Analytics and Reporting feature to create a detailed overview of your spending.

All costs are classified according to various categories – total spending, your company’s departments and types of spending.


Time is money.
Do It Better.
Save both.

Booking a business trip unmanaged 4o minutes.
Do It Better and book under 3 minutes.

Our clients

Never on your own.
Do It Better.
24/7 give us a call.

Our professional travel agents are there to assist you at any point – together with our platform, they make the perfect team.

Simplified pricing - one low transaction fee
regardless of number of trips.

Core pack

For the smart traveller and small teams
  • Global inventory of hotel, train, flights and more
  • Great on-line booking experience, all in one place
  • Support by email, phone or chat with our Travel Support agents
  • Save time and money
0EUR /month

Business Pro

For small to medium sized companies
  • Travel insights from Analytics & Reporting feature
  • Travel policy and approvals built into your DIB portal
  • Collective invoicing for all employees travel spend
  • 24/7 support
10EUR per transaction


For the large companies
  • Single Sign-On for easy on- and offboarding
  • Corporate rates negotiation service
  • Traveller safety services to keep track of your employees
  • Customised integrations to your finance, HR systems

Cut the scrap.
Do It Better.
1 invoice only.​

Not a big fan of paperwork?

Do it greener. Do It Better by all your travel expenses via monthly invoices and zero receipts.

Go Green!
Do It Better,
save a tree!​

Our state-of-the art Green programme allows to track your carbon footprint and provides tips on how to erase it. It will simply make you green with – enthusiasm!

Get started today!

Manage your entire business travel process with DIB Travel.
Set up travel policies, approval workflows and gain valuable insights
through our analytics platform.

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