DIB Travel’s 5 New Year Resolutions

New Year – New DIB! 

DIB Travel's 5 New Year Resolutions

After looking back on 2022, we are beyond proud of every accomplishment made so far. However, there is no slowing down. We realized our DIB family is growing, with more and more travelers counting on our seamless service every day. That’s why we sat down to think of a short, realistic list of DIB Travel’s New Year resolutions! Key aim: setting goals that will help us Do It even Better and provide our travelers with stellar service. Now, we are happy to present DIB Travel’s 5 resolutions for 2023:

Put time first

Time is one of our most precious assets, so it should be handled with care. Bearing this in mind, we will continue with our efforts to make DIB Travel’s platform even more efficient: time-savers are life-savers! Our current setup allows you to book your entire trip in 3 minutes with everything in one place. We want to cut that time ever shorter by implementing the latest technology available.


There’s no reason to choose between saving money and time – do both! Opting for managed business travel allows you to track your company’s expenses with increased transparency. Why not take that to another level this year? We’re set on doing it too. Our next resolution is to provide even more saving opportunities, include more low cost carriers and vary DIB Travel’s options to accommodate your company’s needs!

Go even greener

By the end of 2022, DIB Travel’s platform integrated several sustainable options for all travelers – green fees for carbon footprint offsetting, CO2 emission calculations and many more. This year, we aim to stay on the same green course, full speed ahead and implement new improvements with sustainability in mind. 

Make new friends

In 2022 alone, more than 250 new companies joined our DIB family. Many sources claim these numbers have everything to do with our unparalleled service. Our resolution: let’s keep growing! We are thrilled already for all new partnerships to come. Here’s to new friendships! 🥂

Less stress – more support

Last, but definitely not least: we want you to stress less when you travel. This means our task this year is to keep our travel support system as reliable as ever and make improvements along the way. Here at DIB Travel, we are well-aware that traveling with ease doesn’t happen by trying to chase away any possible complications and delays – they inevitably occur. The secret lies in a flawless support-system that will be at our travelers’ disposal at any time of day – and we will make sure it stays that way in 2023 too!

Each task requires a fresh mindset and lots of dedication, but we are here to make it happen with our incredible team of Dibbers. Have you prepared your own list of resolutions? Are you ready to give it your all? Let’s check in by the end of 2023 and see how far we’ve come. Once again, we wish you a happy start to this year and smooth sailing (and traveling) all the way.

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