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Picture yourself on a business trip in a foreign country: a stroll to a picturesque city center right after a successful meeting; an appetizing lunch with your customer and/or colleagues in an exclusive restaurant; returning to your hotel within a walking distance from the center.

Now think of organizing that entire trip.

Where to go? How to find proper accommodation for you and your team? Flights? Transport from the airport? Train rides? — and all that within a reasonable price.

A simple step to facilitate this entire process lies in hiring a reliable business travel agency.

Benefits to Keep in Mind

Time Efficiency

All in one place!

Visiting multiple platforms to book everything and reporting each of those expenses is simply stressful and time-consuming. A specialized travel agency can guide you through each step of the booking process without you switching a single tab in your browser. In the end, you’ll have an entire trip booked and ready in no time.

Online Technologies

One click ahead!

Most corporate travel agencies will not offer online platforms where you can book not only accommodation, but also flights and other forms of transport. DIB Travel has created a platform that you can count on at any place and time: its optimized user-friendly interface will guide you through each step quickly and efficiently. Any questions or issues? You can contact our travel support experts at any time! Additionally, we pride ourselves on exceptionally speedy communication with our users, which is crucial during the travel process. In case of flight delay or cancellation, or any sort of emergency, users receive alerts on time.

Travel Policy Adherence

Be in control.

Keeping track of business travel expenses can be challenging. What is more, there is always a risk of going over budget if the spending is not monitored closely. By hiring a reliable business travel agency, you can make sure that the expenses fit your budget. With DIB Travel, you can even receive alerts if a booking being made violates a part of your travel policy. Combining this with an approval process, we’ve got you covered!

Save Even More

The best offers by default.

In order to find special offers for travel, you have to surf the waves of the Internet for quite some time. Even then, the conditions offered might not fit your ideal scenario. Professional travel agencies negotiate on your behalf. Using DIB Travel, customers get access to the largest possible inventory of travel options leading to savings of up to 20% including the booking fees.

Coming Next Week…

Now that you’re more familiar with the numerous perks a corporate travel agency can offer, it is time to tell you: there is more to keep in mind. Finding the perfect agency for your company does not depend solely on the benefits and services they offer. Tune in next week to read about the final steps in selecting the right corporate travel agency. If you are itching to find out more right away, visit our website at

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