Business and Leisure: How To Make Best of a Business Trip

how to make best of a business trip

Every type of travel is enjoyable and that goes for business trips as well. Fostering the long-lasting business relationships while taking pleasure in hospitality of a probably never-before-visited city can truly be a fulfilling experience. In order to really make the best of a business trip one must come prepared and keep up with current events. So as to create the unforgettable professional and personal memories we present you with three ways to combine business and pleasure. 

Organise Your Business Time

The main reason for business trips are, of course, business meetings so it is natural time is regulated by their time table. Chances are the meeting hours are already set up prior to a business trip so there is a lot of time for organisation. Plan the clothing, the equipment or documents to go, anything that will help maximise your productivity without the need for additional effort when you get there.

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Prior to attending a business meeting, the accommodation for the employees and event itself must be ready. The organisation can be draining so it would be more efficient to prepare it all at once. DIB travel offers event coordination, accommodation and transportation services on the spot. 

Organise Your Expenses

While many companies cover the expenses of transportation and accommodation for business trips there are still a lot of ways for money to seamlessly fly away. The public transportation or taxi services, food and other similar necessities require finances which should be calculated prior the trip. Even though business topics will take up most of the time, a few hours will probably be dedicated to sightseeing as well. The leisure time is usually not cheap so including the costs for this aspect of a trip would account for smart financial planning.

how to make best of a business trip
Essential 2*

Planning a business trip is not a cheap undertaking so it is important to know where the money goes. Creating a travel policy might help greatly in cost management. An effective corporate travel policy includes the following elements:

  • defining objectives (everything from keeping costs down to keeping employees safe)
  • ensuring the travel policy reflects travellers’ needs (the most common destinations and the best way to get to them aligned with the needs of a company’s activities)
  • setting clear guidelines for all aspects of travel (no room for doubt – including any additional expenses that may occur)
  • making sure what the travel policy is (all relevant documents should be readable and available to everyone within the company)

Organise Your Time Off

Sightseeing can be costly but is nonetheless the most relaxing part of a business trip. When you finally close your laptop and shake hands with colleagues or business partners after a long day it is time to explore the city! In order to really make best of the time off it is important to know how many hours there are at disposal and where to go/what to see. Given that the city is probably an attractive touristic destination the amount of content to indulge in is undoubtedly endless. Making an itinerary is a sensible thing both financial and time wise. 

Essential 3*

As a foreigner in a city it can sometimes be hard to find a way around it. With DIB travel you will not only manage to rent a car right away but with state-of-the art Green programme you would be able to track your carbon footprint. You can start your free 90-day trial to learn more!

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