Automation in Corporate Travel: Why It Is Necessary

Automation in corporate travel undoubtedly leads to higher conversion rate and, more importantly, better user experience. Undergoing a project such as automation of a business travel company is not an easy task. However, in the long term, the benefits it brings in return can be more than lucrative.

To keep it simple, automation can: 

  • cut down on costs
  • save time
  • reduce chances of human error
  • enable better business and team efficiency

The goal of automation is to put an end to all the unnecessary manually implementing processes as well as to provide swift, easy and practical services for the clients, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on an agency’s reputation.

So, here are a few ways to expand corporate travel business with the help of automation.

Booking inquiries

When people search for a specific service online, they need the answers quickly! 

Studies show that nearly all customers expect a response within the first couple of hours upon placing an inquiry. This means the faster you provide the necessary information, the lesser the chances are of the customer turning to the competitor. 

Placing a chatbot on the website is a way for clients to get answers regarding the services on a broader level. If they, by chance, require something auto-respond does not cover, the chatbot can offer a timeframe of when someone will get back to them with the necessary information. 

24/7 availability

Business travel agency is required to be at the client’s beck and call at any time of the day!

It is rightfully so, given all the factors that go into it, like different time zones, travel time, availability of flights, accommodation, venues etc. Agencies which provide services only during the working hours will loose many potential clients, so it is important to have an automated system available to the clients 24/7. 

Booking process is the most important step towards a successful conversion, and with an automated operation system the number of handled reservations can drastically increase. For example, the client should be able to make a reservation at 2am and get a confirmation e-mail. The customised, automated e-mails increase the inquiry-to-booking conversion. All the other specifics will later be provided by an employee, but that first step should be available to the client at all times.

Another important element is the 24/7 travel support. Given the nature of the niche, this type of service largely influences the overall quality of services. This may be a defying factor of converting a one-time customer into a regular client, depending on the outcome of an unpredictable situation. 

Personalised automation

As we have already mentioned, bettering user experience is one of main goals of automation in the business travel world.

There are so many ways to establish closer connection with the clients through an automated system.   You can gather a customer’s purchase history and provide them with the information that may interest them. Also, you can automatically collect customer feedback and introduce loyalty programs in order to stimulate more purchase. 

Another piece of personalised content are tailored upselling e-mails. For example, if a group of people is having a team building in New York, the company may automatically suggest local activities and events taking place during the stay. This way the clients will get a sense of satisfaction for getting something they did not pay for, simply out of courtesy.

Time for payment

All the processes that prove to be time-saving for the clients will put a smile on their face, even when they have to pull out the credit card.

When it comes to payment for the provided services, the clients want it to be quick and painless, i.e, they do not want spend much time dissecting the invoice, or even worse, waiting for it.

The invoice should be simple and transparent, involving as little errors in the process of payment as possible. The best way is to send an automated invoice right after the client confirms the booking. That way the client can get answers to the potential questions right away and, if everything is fine, pay the fee timely. 

D.I.Y. through automation

Business trips will be booked by business people and business people do not have much time at their disposal.

The self-booking tool programs will be highly appreciated by the existing clients, and will attract the new ones. The time to find and book services, amend and cancel reservations, check payment histories work significantly faster without an intermediary. Not to mention the possibility of a system making an error is less likely than that of a person, which further contributes to the quality of services and the overall satisfaction of a client.

Depending on your preferences, DIB travel offers a variety of options! If you are a frequent business traveler and you need a platform where you can book a flight and find accommodation, all in one, this is a place for you. Also, strengthening the connection with colleagues or business partners should not be overlooked and we have Rocket event booking to support that! Organise a team building or an afterwork activity, and combine business and pleasure in to time.

If you want to find out ways to digitalise your business travel business, check our blog Taking Advantage Of Digital Age In Business Travel.

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