7 most luxurious hotels for the ultimate green experience

7. The ADLER Mountain Lodge: Alpe di Suisi, Italy

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Built on a UNESCO heritage site in the Alpe di Suisi, the property complies with the “Kilmahaus Nature standard” strict criteria relating to building materials, water management, and energy efficiency. Buildings are constructed with local mountain timber. The Mountain Lodge utilizes a customized energy solution by operating small combined heat and power plants to support and optimize energy supply.

6. El Silencio Lodge & Spa: Bajos de Toros, Costa Rica

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Located in the mountains of Bajos del Toros, the eco-hotel was designed to marry traveler’s interest in connecting with nature in a setting that is lush, luxurious and grand. Its Certification of Sustainable Tourism granted by the Costa Rican tourism board indicates the property takes extended measures in energy conservation water management, waste disposal, and recycling.

5. ITC Grand Bharat Gurgaon: Gugaon, India

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The mission of the ITC Grand Bharat is simple: guests should be able to luxuriate guilt-free. Elaborate culinary experiences with “wellness” and education in mind are at the top of the list at India’s first all-suite resort. It has four presidential villas, 100 suites and a 27-hole Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course that uses recycled water to maintain the green. Building Council).

4. Secret Bay: Dominica

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Outfitting public and private spaces with state-of-the-art energy-efficient appliances isn’t the only thing that makes Secret Bay one of the best luxury hotels in Dominica. This eco-luxury boutique hotel is committed to maintaining the land in the same pristine condition by recycling, planting over 1,500 plants on-site and using special irrigation systems.

3. COMO Castello del Nero: Tuscany, Italy

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It’s a given the 740-acre, the historic estate COMO Castello del Nero is exquisite but what makes this property in line with sustainability standards and eco-friendly tourism, is its hyper-focus on “farm to table” fare. La Torre restaurant is a Michelin starred piece de resistance that uses the produce from the estate’s kitchen garden. The estate also has its own vineyard, beehives, and olive groves.

2. Angama Mara: Maasai Mara, Kenya

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To some travelers, sustainable travel incorporates tents in a scene that mirrors the movie “Out of Africa.” For travelers going to Angama Mara, that’s exactly what they are getting. High above the Maasai Mara on the very site where some of the most romantic scenes from Out of Africa were filmed. Angama Mara’s sustainability focus is on two areas- food and community. Guests are allowed to pick their own ingredients in the “Shamba” (Swahili for vegetable garden) for lunch and dinner. Guests are also asked to pay a $10 a night donation used to invest in community and conservation projects in the Mara Triangle.

  1. Soneva Fushi: Maldives
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Soneva is synonymous with sustainable travel. It recently launched eco-campaign inviting guests to “Stay for Good”. Guests are invited to work alongside Soneva’s marine biologists, mycologists, tropical ecologists, and community engagement managers. Activities include: snorkeling with Soneva’s marine biologists to help with turtle identification and coral rehabilitation; participating in beach, mangrove and reef cleanups; contributing to education initiatives.

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