7 Most Creative Offices in the World

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From ice cream machines to digital detox rooms, the world’s coolest offices have features to cater to every need. Some of these workspaces feature athletic equipment that helps workers reduce stress. Others have lounges where workers can relax, enjoy the corporate perks, and feel at home. Beyond the mentioned perks, these beautiful spaces are designed to encourage workers to be more creative, feel inspired, and dream up the next big idea. Here, we select some of the best, which manages to deliver great design with professionalism.

  • Bark (Columbus, Ohio)
  • Selgas Cano Architecture Office(Madrid Spain)
  • Gusto(San Francisco)
  • Trend Micro(Cairo, Egypt)
  • Crew collective offices (Montreal, Canda)
  • Urban Outfitters head quarter(Philadelphia)
  • Vitsœ, Royal Leamington Spa (United Kingdoms)


Columbus, Ohio

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Founded in 2012, Bark is a New York-based company that produces toys and treats for canines set out to create a pleasant work environment aligned with the company’s mission and branding. Because employees are allowed to bring their pups to work. “The design team worked to define an office space fit for the 200 hardworking employees that make up the company’s Happy Team — their enthusiastic and friendly customer service group — and their energetic canines,” the studio said.

Selgas Cano Architecture Office

Madrid, Spain

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To work surrounded by nature and peace is the dream of many and it is what Spanish architects Jose Selgas and Lucia Cano achieved by designing an office for their practice, located in the woods near Madrid in Spain.


San Francisco

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Before sitting unoccupied for decades, this warehouse on San Francisco’s Pier 70 was used to construct and repair ships from the 19th century through World War II. It’s now the home of Gusto, a company that makes cloud-based HR software for small businesses.

Trend Micro

Cairo, Egypt

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Cybersecurity company Trend Micro is designed to be not only an office but also the “cultural experience.” The office is rich with the history of ancient Egypt and you can see how this former university theater honors its rich heritage with every corner of its beautiful space.

Crew collective offices

Montreal, Canda

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A former bank in the historic center of Montreal has been transformed into an office for a tech start-up and a cafe for freelance workers by local architect Henri Cleinge. It seamlessly integrates the original building’s features with modern transparency and flow.

Urban Outfitters headquarter


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The 100+ year old campus of Urban Outfitters has breathed creative life back into the once industrious building complex. Designed by MSR Design, the 350,000+ sqft project provides an epic backdrop for the brands it houses Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Anthropologie — to call home.

Vitsœ, Royal Leamington Spa

United Kingdoms

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Leamington Spa in Warwickshire is a restrained space of beech wood, light, and air. “Natural materials, natural lighting, and natural ventilation were critical to restoring a connection between the building’s users and the world around them,” says managing director Mr. Mark Adams.

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