5 Tips for Returning to Work after Vacation [stress-free]

5 Tips for Returning to Work after Vacation

Returning to the office after vacation resembles one of the worst sugar lows you can experience. And it does make sense – uninterrupted days of bliss replaced with the usual hustle and bustle of the work place. However, there are quite a few ways to make this transition significantly less painful! Here are some DIBlightful tips you can try this post-vacation season!

Return first. Leave second. 

As always, time management is both one of the most effective and most common tips you can find: big meeting on Thursday – prepare everything early. The worst part is, it actually works. So, in the case of the Big Return, the best thing you can do for yourself is to neatly wrap up everything on your plate before vacation. Next, picture yourself back in the office and think about the leftover or incoming tasks and – write them down. To-do lists can only help!

Buffer Day

Going turbo mode right after your return can only drain you faster. While drafting your post-vacation to-do list, it’s important to distribute tasks in a way that would allow you to take at least the first two days easy or, depending on the workload, at least at a more regular pace. Use these buffer days to ease your self back into the regular work tempo without hindering your performance.

Auto-email Etiquette

It’s like an unwritten rule that makes all the difference: prepare your vacation notice in advance, stating the exact dates of your absence, together with an alternative contact for emergencies. This feature is just the right thing to notify your client or coworker that you’re not ghosting their emails, but are simply away for your well-deserved summer vacation. Now that you’re back in the office, you can easily get back on track and back to your correspondents!


Summer is over. You’ve entered the office. What now? What have you missed? What’s the new plan? Don’t panic and consult several of your colleagues about all crucial updates in the office. Ideally, you will have a supervisor or manager who could help you out on the spot and save you the time and effort.

Vacation – continued?

Though it’s impossible and not very productive to continue your vacation tempo inside the office, you can take some useful habits back home with you. For instance, try to incorporate enough “me time” into the working week, which includes anything between a home-spa night to a quick weekend trip to a nearby place you’ve never visited before. Keep the vacation spirit alive!

Though nothing can quite replace a memorable summer vacation, we hope these tips can help you tone down the post-vacation blues and have a productive start in the new season! Here at DIB Travel, we are looking forward to an epic start of another chapter, with many exciting news soon to be announced!

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