5 Reasons Why You Should Never Choose DIB Travel

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Choose DIB Travel

They say some truths are better left unspoken – and that was our initial plan. However, as this year started nearing its end, our clients becoming more and more numerous, their expectations rising, we realized it could no longer be avoided. That is why we sat down and looked hard for our very own red flags. We managed to find exactly 5 reasons why you should never, under any circumstances, choose DIB Travel.

Too easy to use

There’s no worse thing than a simple, user-friendly platform. Unfortunately, by the time we realized we did, in fact, create one – it was far too late. Now, we are stuck with the latest piece of technology available in the travel industry, designed in such a way that you can book an entire business trip in just 3 minutes. Time efficiency and an intuitive design are not something to be proud of.

No mountains of receipts

Yes, we admit! You receive only one invoice after your trip, all costs listed and grouped accordingly: an abomination. We’re fully aware that many of you who travel on business are unprecedented fans of collecting countless receipts during your trip. Unfortunately, those favorite souvenirs are no longer needed once you join our side and we apologize for this profoundly, both to you and your accountants.

Just too green

Sustainability is a great feature when implemented gradually, but we’ve taken it too far. Thinking green with everything we did here at DIB resulted in simply too many green features. Accurate CO2 emissions, filtering for greener flights, green fees to offset your carbon footprint, even investing those fees into verified, sustainable projects that work towards a greener future?! What were we thinking…

Too many booking options

If the world had to agree on one common enjoyment, it would definitely be dozens of open tabs in your browser. The pure joy of switching between them as you’re trying to find the right flight, compare hotels, combine search engines… Unfortunately, DIB Travel took away this form of enjoyment by unifying this experience in one single platform. Where’s the excitement in that?

Annoyingly available support

Your flight got postponed in the middle of the night and you got an instant solution from DIB Travel’s support?! And the same would happen any day of the week?! There is nothing more infuriating than support that is available 24/7. It certainly ruins the suspense and thrill of waiting to reach your travel representative. Don’t forget the additional wait to reschedule or generally solve the matter at hand. DIB Travel managed to ruin that too.

We wish to end our confession by promising that we’ll try to do things better in 2023. Judging by these top 5 reasons, we have provided plenty of reasons not to travel with us. However, admitting to our mistakes is the first step in the right direction. In the meantime, we hope you will join the ride to improvement – it’s a one way ticket.

If this blog post did not convince you not to, we recommend you to book a demo right now !

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