4 Tips for a Travel Itinerary in 2021

Whether it be a business or vacation trip, travelling is one of the most exciting activities in the world. Visiting different places and meeting new people is a perfect way to enrich life and create memorable moments. Even though it appears to be a pleasurable undertaking traveling requires a handful of preparations. Among the important parts is making a travel itinerary. One may argue the necessity of a travel itinerary but having one at hand can prove to be a real time, money and energy saver. 

Keeping up with the current affairs is also crucial for a successful trip. Given the still ongoing pandemic situation one must be completely informed about the regulations of the country intended to visit. 

With this in mind here are a few ways to craft a useful travel itinerary. 

Check The Docs for Travel

The most important thing in creating a travel itinerary is emphasising the number one travel essential: documents. Passport or ID card go without saying but they can easily slip one’s mind. It is not unreasonable to check them in a travel itinerary. Flight tickets, hotel bookings, travel insurance etc. should always be double-checked, hard copied and stored safely. 

Due to the COVID19 pandemic different regulations apply in different countries and they can be time and money consuming. 

Many European countries like Norway, Netherlands, Hungary, Germany, France require unvaccinated visitors to present a negative RT-PCR (NAAT) or Antigen (quick-test) test taken 24 hours before departing or proof of full vaccination.

As opposed to European policies, USA demands both unvaccinated and vaccinated visitors to get tested, within one and three days respectively.

The Eastern hemisphere countries display similar policies. China requires all travellers to present two negative tests — PCR and antibody tests — taken within 48 hours of travel. Visitors are also screened at the airport. The ones who fail the checks must quarantine on arrival. 

Reliable information regarding the pandemic in different countries can be found online, through identification requirement websites, like Sherpa. Here you can find latest travel and health restriction polices. These information will help you gather all the necessary documents for the trip.

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Create Travel Budget

Spending money while on travel is a true blast but it is always important not to get carried away. Clever financial planning prior to a trip can help stay in control of your budget. It will enable you pick places you can afford to visit and be more realistic through the selection. The most important aspect is taking into consideration the unforeseen situations that can occur. Leaving some extra money aside can come in handy and prevent stressful scenarios. 

When talking about business trip having an elaborate travel policy template can also be worthwhile. It is a good way to always have in mind travel expenses necessary for a business tip.

Must-Visit List

The list of places to visit in a city or country might be quite long so it is important to narrow it down. Before making an actual list research the places you want to visit. Look for the activities that meet your interests and landmarks you want to see. After you finish, encompass the time necessary for the sightseeing from the list. That way you will know how much time it is going to be spent in every place which will enable taking the full pleasure in the trip. 

In light of the current situation, different restrictions may occur once the airport control is successfully passed, like the following:

  • France demands Covid19 passes for both indoor and outdoor coffeeshop stay, zoo, libraries, theatres, cruise ships etc. 
  • The Netherlands shares similar policies in a way that vaccinated visitors can enter bars, theatres and other indoor and outdoor events freely.
  • Germany and Austria require the passes as well but not in the whole country.

The bottom line is to do a thorough research regarding the pandemic measures beforehand.  

ProTip: Foreign Language for Beginners

Being in a foreign country and knowing bits of a foreign language offers a full experience of a country’s mentality. Not to mention locals are always enthralled by foreigners speaking their language! Besides the interpersonal human relations having a basic knowledge of a foreign language will surely increase your confidence and maybe interest you to take it to another level.

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