90% Adoption Rate

DIB Travel gives you the platform to build, manage and measure a high performance travel program for your business, right at your fingertips.

80% time saving

With easy reservation, payment and invoicing, together with extensive inventory, we make it easy to book in minutes and manage every step of the traveler journey.

64% cost saving

Experience savings through reduced costs on services, inventory and process effort. Together with cost control and analytics it will put you in charge to make your corporate travel an asset, instead of a pain.

0 Receipts

All company costs are collected on a monthly invoice which simplifies the life of the traveler and finance department. No more paying on the spot – happy receipt-less times are here.

100% innovative

All the travel functionality and expertise you need as a business leader or a traveler in ONE place.

1 minute implementation

DIB application works out of the box. The only thing you need is to register an account, invite your employees and start traveling.

Powerful business travel solution

DIB Travel solution allows your employee to easily book receiptless business travels, your travel manager to implement and maintain a company wide travel program and your finance department to gain insights in cost, travel patterns and analytics

Professional travel agents assisting you

Having an amazing innovative platform will solve a lot of your needs. To also know that one of our professional travel agents are there to assist whenever you need it – makes it perfect. 

Group travel, meeting and events

DIB Travel has a unique global tool for digitally and efficiently requesting quotes from suppliers on anything you need for your meeting, group travel or event. Talk to one of our project managers to help you out – it is all included in your plan.

Drive your adoption rate

Smart and easy booking and travel process to minimize time wasted on searching, reservations, payment and receipt handling.


Maximize your travel program adherence with our Book Smart Incentive Program – together with our customers we set up incentives to drive change.


Continuous analysis of user travel behavior will enable actions to optimize user adoption rate.

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What Customers Say About Us

  • “Thanks to DIB I saved time and money. Finally I can book hotels without spending endless time scrolling through hotel websites comparing offers and I know I’ll always get best prices

    Alexander Moshovitis
  • “DIB makes it possible to make use of unsold hotel rooms, which otherwise stay empty. It gives me the possibility to discover new hotels

    Isabelle Wallin